Bring her back. Nike of Samothrace Thiki bag

Bring her back. Nike of Samothrace Thiki bag

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SAMOTHRACE — The 18-foot sculpture depicts Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. As wet and wind-blown drapery clings to her body, the winged figure triumphantly steps toward the front of a ship, leading historians to conclude that it was created to commemorate a successful sea battle.

Throughout Ancient Greece, Samothrace was especially known for its Sanctuary of the Great Gods, where many pilgrims would come to receive an initiation hoping to obtain divine protection. The Great Gods were particularly considered as benefactors for sailors and it was believed that invoking them would keep the risk of shipwrecks at bay and favor naval victories.

This is why, during the Hellenistic period, the Macedonian kings took great care to make offerings to them. The Winged Victory of Samothrace is thus believed to be one of them, thanking the Gods after a naval victory.

French diplomat and amateur archaeologist Charles Champoiseau unearthed the Winged Victory in April of 1863. While he reassembled 23 blocks that compose the ship, he sent the figure back to Paris just as he found it: in three pieces.

She lives at the Louvre.

Bring her back. She belongs to her motherland, Greece

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